Unicorn Poops – Shroom Infused Chocolate Almond Microdose

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Fire Roasted Almonds Dipped
In Hand Crafted Chocolate

3g Magic Mushrooms per package
150g Chocolate Almonds

Shroom Infused Chocolate

Ingredients: Almond, Psilocybin, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Chocolate Liquor, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla


What the heck is Microdosing Anyway

Micro-dosing is exactly what it sounds like, taking a micro, or small dose. Usually, referring to consuming a psychedelic drug, micro-dosing is not meant to intoxicate or lead to a significant alteration in consciousness. In other words, it’s not enough to get you high, but just enough to get you feeling and thinking a little differently!


What are the positive effects of microdosing 

While the benefits of micro-dosing are subjective and can vary person to person, most people report feeling more in touch with the universe and their inner-self. People have reported feeling more aware of the good things in their lives and in a time when more and more people are suffering from depression and anxiety brought on by Covid 19 and a confusing time, a lot of people are looking to natural and safe ways to feel better in this strange new time.

How Often Should You Microdose Mushrooms? 

Depending on what you hope to achieve from your microdosing journey, you may choose to microdose daily, twice weekly, weekly, or even just monthly. Many individuals working to combat the effects of depression and anxiety prefer to microdose daily.

In contrast, others may prefer to stick to the weekends or outside of work hours. As long as you don’t take more than the recommended dose and take psilocybin only once a day, most people can successfully micro-dose daily without adverse effects. 


Mushrooms are more than Medicine


Visions of geometric patterns, unusual bodily sensations and an altered sense of space and time is part of the healing experience!

The quantity of the drug, past experiences, and expectations of how the experience will take shape can all impact the effects of psilocybin.

After the gut ingests and absorbs psilocybin, the body converts it to psilocyn. The hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin usually occur within 30 minutes of ingestion and last between 4 and 6 hours.

In some individuals, the changes in sensory perception and thought patterns can last for several days.




10 reviews for Unicorn Poops – Shroom Infused Chocolate Almond Microdose

  1. Chris

    I tried these to push my order for free shipping and im happy I did… they were amazing they actually look like little poops like you would expect from a unicorn.

    • Sticky Nicky

      Unicorn Poops are the most popular item from Mystical Creations catalogue. Shroom infused chocolate covered almonds are by far the best way to micro dose psilocybin.

  2. Scott

    Tasty little treats that pack a kick!!

    • Sticky Nicky

      Hi Scott!

      We’re glad that you love these treats as much as we do. Mystical Creations has unique infused shroom and cannabis edibles!

  3. Shawn

    Long gone are the days if eating mushrooms for me… these poops are great!

    • Sticky Nicky

      We have noticed how many people want to microdose shrooms and feel that making the experience taste good is something that Mystical Creations did wonderfully with their Unicorn Poops! Thanks so much for the review, Shawn!

  4. Don G.

    I liked these, but I couldn’t carry one in my pocket like i could a capsule.
    I sort of just slip a cap in my pocket to work and slam it back with a giant coffee to code all day and find that much more convenient

  5. Jacob

    I split a pack between 3 people and we all had really intense visuals.

    That was awesome!

    I left a review for the store credit to get more haha

    • Sticky Nicky

      The poops are meant for microdosing, but you have proven that you can get nice and psychedelic with them too

  6. Stacy

    I ordered these with this bogo sale and loved then got em for devils night and had a great time at a party *covid safe of course*

    • Sticky Nicky

      We’re glad you snagged the Halloween BOGO on Shroom Infused Edibles

      Our Email List has exclusive BOGO offers on a number of items, from THC and Shroom Edibles to Luxury CBD Products

  7. Darleen J


    these are awesome!

    I got 8 packs before Halloween and dressed up as a unicorn with trapdoor pajamas and passed people at my house party… unicorn poops out of my unicorn butt

    It was the best costume I’ve ever had

    shroom infused chocolate nuts also don’t exist anywhere else, so more people need to try this

    • Sticky Nicky

      This is 100% the greatest comment we’ve ever gotten on our website.
      We’re so glad we could make it in time with our same day delivery Shroom service and complete your amazing Halloween costume

  8. SeanP

    back for more microdose chocolates

    buy 2 get 1 free? Hell yeah! Thanks

  9. Kat

    These are my favourite way to microdose, but I preffered when you did dark chocolate. Although I like the rainbow poops

    • Sticky Nicky

      We will let mystical creations know that they’ve gotten a request to also serve dark chocolate covered microdose almonds again!
      We love the technicolour poops and our customers love them too, but we are also most fond of dark chocolate everything, especially when that chocolate is infused with magic mushrooms 😉

  10. Ryan

    Delicious. Great service. Fast delivery.

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