Mushrooms – Mix & Match Shrooms

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Choose any 4 of our  mushroom varieties (7g each).

(*7g = 1/4 oz)



Lots of different options from trusted Canadian mushroom growers

The perfect goodie bag for any parties, camping trips or weekends via our same day delivery shroom services OR our mail order shroom service

9 reviews for Mushrooms – Mix & Match Shrooms

  1. Heidi

    We tried the mixed pack of mushrooms and we all giggled for hours!!

    • Sticky Nicky

      So fun to hear that. Yes we love shrooms that make you giggle.
      Those are the best kind!

      thanks for your review Heidi

  2. Ken

    I’ve gotten this like 5 times in the last few months and the shrooms are good. Plus, I dunno when I want them so same day delivery is dope.

    Found you on instagram

    • Sticky Nicky

      So glad you found us on instagram!

      Our mix and match Shroom and Flower bundles allow you to either choose a pre made mix of our freshest weed and magic mushrooms, or you can completely customize your goodie bag and choose from our stock

  3. DD

    Fresh and potent. Good selection if shrooms too

    • Sticky Nicky

      Thanks so much for the great review DD
      Our mix n’ match magic mushroom offer has been incredibly popular and we are going to add more strains this upcoming year!

  4. Gus

    2nd time ordering. Shrooms for new years

    • Sticky Nicky

      yes! thanks for coming back. Our goal is to be everyones favourite place to get CBD, THC, Shrooms, Edibles and Fresh Buds. That is the main metric we gauge our success by. If people are coming back, we’re doing something right, and if they don’t come back, we just want to know why, because it’s information like that that lets us improve our same day delivery business and hopefully be the most trusted service in kitchener waterloo ontario canada

  5. stephen

    great quality

    customer service was short on one strain and figured it out for me right away

    arrived on time

  6. Fun Guy Lover

    I’ve ordered these shrooms delivery to kitchener and I’ve ordered mail order shrooms from other sites to compare (i eat alot of magic mushrooms)

    And all the strains are potent, all the shroom strains are noticeably different in my high, and I get my delivery same day instead of waiting for the mail.

    So it’s time I give you a 5 star review.

    This is my Shroom hookup
    Best shrooms in Canada (so far)

  7. Gord

    Got these in the mail Friday. Ordered Wednesday.
    Big fruits. Potent shrooms.
    Huge hit at the cabin.
    People were blown away by how different the Dino Eggs, King Kong, Penis Envy and Albinos looked.

    I’ve never seen magic mushrooms like this

    Back to order the other kinds

  8. Ryan (verified owner)

    The penis envy, Dino eggs and Albino Envy are mega potent!!!! The blue meannie is a short trip but euphoric, quite good.

    • Sticky Nicky

      Thanks for the positive feed back on all the strains. Its great to hear how they work for each individual person!!

  9. Ryan (verified owner)

    I have purchased this deal twice now.
    I have been dosing daily and I feel like an entire new person. It literally opened up my ability to be spiritual. Totally crazy

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