Hula CBD Gummies


12x15mg CBD gummy/15mg per gummy/180mg per package.

The Hula’s Fruit Punch is the newest edible to the lineup packed with of CBD to help you feel stress free and relaxed.

The Hula’s Fruit Punch is the newest addition to the SeC lineup of edibles. It conveniently comes with 12 pieces, so you can find the perfect dosage for yourself.These delicious gummies will help you feel stress free and relaxed at any time of the day!

All SeC gummies are lab tested to ensure the highest quality. By using solvent-free THC distillate at no lower than 90% Delta 9 THC, impurities such as butane, propane, CO2 and alcohol are left behind resulting in a pure, concentrated product with amazing taste and flavour!

Togo Weed only source the highest quality edibles. We ensure all the products contain industry standard ingredients to ensure the highest potency and value.

Ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, glucose syrup, water,gelatin, citric acid, organic virgin coconut oil, natural and artificial flavour, colouring

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SeC is a cannabis producer based out of B.C’s Lower Mainland.

All of their edibles are made with high quality, lab tested distillate and natural ingredients.

The gummies are hand crafted, from the molds, to the finished product, by their talented team of cooks.

This is how each gummy turns out visually unique and consistently delicious.

They use a hands on approach which they state separates them from other companies.

Their team ensures that each batch is made with care and with proper dosages that they feel the cannabis community deserves.

Offering a wide range of dosages, allowing accessibility for medicinal and recreational users of various tolerance levels.

SeC uses solvent-free THC Distillate, lab testing at no lower than 85% Delta 9 THC. The lack of impurities/residues left behind by solvents like butane, propane, CO2, & alcohol allows for a pure, clean, & effective high that comes in the convenient and great tasting form of any SeC infused gummy treat.

All of the gummies by SeC are made with organic raw cane sugar and natural ingredients, as well as hand-crafted by our talented team of cooks, making every gummy visually unique and consistently delicious.

Always remember to store any cannabis products well out of the reach of young children.It is recommended that you keep these in their sealed packages and stored in a cool, dry place. If too warm or left out in the sun your treats will melt. We recommend storing in a fridge (or freezer) for long-term storage, this will not affect the quality of your treats. Note that frequently moving your gummies in & out will cause some condensation within the sealed package, which can compromise their longevity.

This product may lose form or melt a little during transport in the summer heat. A few hours in the fridge will make it easier to handle.


SeC believes in sourcing only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients for their products, hence the great tasting Gummies by Sec. There are so many different edibles suppliers out there. SeC strives to be a brand you can trust.

The extract used for Gummies by Sec is solvent-free and lab tested. It contains up to 88% activated THC. There are no impurities or residues left by solvents like butane, propane, CO2, or alcohol. This allows for a pure. clean. and effective high, that comes in the convenient and great tasting form of any of the edible products we have to offer.

The name SeC actually stands for ‘Solve et Coagula’, which is a Latin alchemy term meaning ‘dissolve and coagulate’. This term holds meaning for our team mainly because THC extracts are what we consider to be modern alchemy.



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