Blowout Sale

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Choose from multiple AAAA Strains. Best deal on an Ounce in Canada!

Want to try a variety? Can’t choose? Try our BLOWOUT SALE MIX AND MATCH.

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Get the cheapest Quads in Canada!
“Get High As Fuck Without Blowing The Bank, Because At The Sticky Hippy The Bank Blows You”
Blow Out Sale

AAAA Oz’s at $89
DB Smalls
El Jeffe Smalls
Comatoast OG Small

AAAA Oz’s at $99
Gummi Buns
GMO Cookie Smalls
Kool whip
Wildberry cake
Bubble gum breath
Tang breath

AAAA Oz’s at $130
Pink Runtz
Gooda Cookies

AAAA Oz’s at $139
Bubba OG

AAAA Oz’s at $149
Wizard runtz
Mac slurry
Pink runtz
Death bubba
Death pink
Alien OG
Black gas
Donkey Budder

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Sluracane, Pink Gucci, Ice Cream cake, Pink Runtz, Biscuits, Gooda Cookies, Gummie Buns, DB Smalls, El Jeffe Smalls, Comatoast OG Small, GMO Cookie Smalls, Wizard runtz, Mac slurry, Bubba OG, Death bubba, Death pink, Alien OG, Black gas, DONKEY BUDDER, Mimosa, Kool whip, Wildberry cake, Bubble gum breath, Tang breath

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  1. I thought Gilbert gottfried and weed might have meant bad flower because of that Tommy Chong website.

    But I went for it anyway because of same day delivery and the cannabis photos on the site

    5/5 quality.


  2. This is my favourite same day delivery weed hookup now

    6 months and going strong

    Cannabis, flower, bud… Whatever you want to call it. This is the best weed hookup in kitchener so far.

    And I’ve tried many

    Very happy so here is a review

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