How to pay for your order

It’s easy!

We accept Interac e-transfer 

To send your payment, simply login to your online banking account and send the total amount of your invoice via Interac e-transfer to:

Setting up your transfer:

As long as you send your transfer to the correct email address (, your payment will be automatically deposited into our account. This means you will not have to send us a password for us to deposit your payment.

Some online banking platforms ask for a question and answer to set up a payee. If that is the case for you, set the question as “brand name” and the answer as “stickyhippy”.

*Please include your order number in the message option of your transfer*

Having trouble?

Watch this helpful video:


Important to note:

Please make sure you send you payment to the correct email address, otherwise your order will not be confirmed as paid.

Orders must be paid in full before being processed.

Orders pending payment will be automatically cancelled after 3 days. You will receive a payment reminder prior to cancellation.

Our prices are free of tax and any additional fees, aside from applicable shipping costs listed at checkout.

We’re here to help!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any additional support.

You can call, chat with us live or send us an email.

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