Its not easy trying to remain the only place in Canada with such a huge online offering of natural, hard to get magic mushrooms.

It takes a lot of work to keep up with a  massive variety of mushrooms for our mix and match oz deal, while keeping our prices the lowest in Canada and still offering amazing quality with unique strains. When you are looking to buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, here is why you should check us out.

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How Do We Keep Cranking Out Cheap High Quality Shrooms?

It took partnering up with some of the best  independent small farms across Canada. By partnering with magic mushroom farms, we are able to continue to provide the best shrooms at the lowest prices.

The Sticky Hippy partners with farms that only use the highest quality organic ingredients in their substrate.

What are the best organic magic mushroom substrate materials?

1)Organic Black Oyster shells.
Black Oyster shells are rich in Calcium and other minerals that magic mushrooms need to grow big and strong. While adding up to 15% more psilocybin then mushrooms grown without Black Oyster Shells.

2)Organic Bat Guano.
Known to be rich in nitrogen and also has small bits of undigested bugs that magic mushrooms thrive off in the wild.

By making sure the best organic ingredients are used in their growing stages this gives us a better finished fruit for you to enjoy on all your psychedelic adventures.


Better Ingredients, and More Partners means More Kinds Of Shrooms & Adventures

By making sure the best organic ingredients are used during the  growing stages this gives us a better finished fruit for you to enjoy on all your psychedelic adventures.

The same old strains like Golden Teacher and Penis Envy get boring real fast once you become a connoisseur, so we have reached out to friends around the world in the mycology industry to connect these farms with some rare unique strains from around the world like:

Red Down Under from Australia:
This panaeolus cyanescens is unique in that it drops red spores. Exremely difficult to find, it is currently not available anywhere for purchase and hasn’t been for many years. These or top tier when it comes to potency.

Ape Lizard King Kiss  that was found in a remote area of Georgia.

Albino Treasure Coast sourced from a remote farm in the beautiful Canadian rockies

Pailocybe Natalenais came all the way from Africa.

All these mushrooms listed above came to us on agar and not as a spore… this means our friends have made clones of the absolute best mushroom they grew and let some grow out in a sealed dish of a mix of malt extract and agar agar to get some nice healthy mycelium they could later fruit out to see if they had a winner. Using this process you get the absolute best possible product possible along with the most variety.

Magic Mushroom Mix & Match Sale

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Choose any 4 of our  mushroom varieties (7g each).



Want to try Magic Mushrooms?

We suggest trying our bulk, dry, mix and match mushrooms to find the strain that works best for you.

A good rule of thumb is to try microdosing to start and see how it affects you before you get into any kind of “hero’s dose”. All our shrooms are naturally and small batch grown and of the highest quality.

We also carry a wide range of microdose shrooms-with-chocolate products that we make in house. Check out our article on why it’s best to microdose with chocolate!


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