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Partnered with local farms in both BC and Ontario, The Sticky Hippy offers Canada’s best quality, small batch, delicious organic CBD edibles, full-spectrum CBD oil, bulk specialty magic mushrooms, & microdose ready psilocybin edibles.

We use only Organic Quad and AAA Strains farm-grown “craft cannabis” for our edibles, oils, and skincare. All our weed is homegrown in BC’s gulf islands and Northern Ontario.

Our shrooms are sourced from the highest quality available, and we make our microdose edibles in house with only the highest quality organic (or as close as it gets) ingredients.

Order from our well-stocked bulk section and try out new strains today.



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Why Buy Magic Mushrooms Online In Canada?

Top reasons to buy shrooms online rather than on the corner

1) Yes we all know we can go foraging in the woods, but buying from a local grower you can trust means you can be sure of what your shrooms were grown in.

2) You can try mushroom varieties that are hard to find, or specific to your needs. Looking for something that is perfect for a social microdose? Or maybe you want a shroom that will help you to sleep at night. An online shroom store like The Sticky Hippy means you can pick and choose the exact right magic mushroom strain for you!

3) You can mix and match and try things out. When you shop for magic mushrooms online, you can try small doses and see what works until you find your perfect mushroom match!

4) It’s safer: You know what you are going to get when you shop online, and the product is more predictable too so you can be sure of what dose is right for you.

5) There’s less stigma. People still have a lot of stigma around psilocybin mushroom or CBD, or cannabis use. Shopping online means you don’t have to deal with any of that. Your product ships quickly and easily straight to your door.

6) You can one-stop-shop for different methods of consuming psilocybin. From microdose chocolates to bulk dry you can choose what you want, when you want, and a mix of everything if you want!


Syzegy, Great White Monster and delicious shroom edibles

How Do I Use Magic Mushrooms?

There are essentially three different ways to use shrooms:

magic mushrooms and the moon cycle


Microdosing is becoming more popular all the time. That’s because you get some sweet mood lifting, mental clarifying and energizing effects without having to take a weekend off to emotionally process your “trip”. We have clients that treat their anxiety and or depression with microdoses of shrooms. Some even use them to help them sleep at night! If you are interested in knowing more about microdosing shrooms click here.

Dried Shrooms:

This is the classic way to imbibe psilocybin mushrooms. You can eat them straight dried, or make them into tea (or your own chocolates or butter if you so desire). We have even had them on pizza. When you buy dried shrooms you get more variety of magic mushroom strains to try, and you can easily choose your own dose.


Edibles are becoming our personal favourite way to go. No more messing with chocolate trying to make our own, the Sticky Hippy has delicious microdose chocolate almonds, and regular dose shrooms with marshmallow and chocolate. We think chocolate is the best way to eat mushrooms and here is why. Edibles are also make getting your dose just right a piece of cake ( or chocolate;). No more trying to figure out what a microdose looks like, and then melting your face off for the next 6 hours. This makes microdosing, or regular dosing easy.

Psilocybin / Magic Mushrooms Health Benefits

Psilocybin can have many health benefits, and can be a replacement for CBD in many cases for those that don’t tolerate CBD, or aren’t getting the effects they want. Natural shrooms can also help replace pharmaceutical products that often have unwanted side effects or can be addictive. We aren’t doctors, so you must consult a health professional before you try to use psilocybin to treat any of the conditions below.

Cancer & Chronic Pain:

Magic mushrooms have been shown to treat pain as effectively as CBD for some people, and can be used for those that don’t tolerate CBD well.

Migraine & Cluster Headaches:

A 2017 study of online forums found that shrooms were highly effective at stopping or minimizing cluster headaches and migrains for people who had found no relief elsewhere.

Anxiety/ Social Anxiety:

Anxiety is a persistent chronic issue for many, and the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat it can cause serious issues including addiction, and Gynecomastia among others. Even small amounts can cause serious issues. Micro-dosing can help with generalized anxiety as well as social anxiety if used for specific occasions.

Sleep disorders:

Low doses of shrooms, or micro-dosing the right strain, can have a soothing and calming effect to help you sleep more deeply, and get to sleep more easily.


Bi Polar:

Recent studies have shown that psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in certain mushrooms, may offer a promising alternative treatment option for individuals with bipolar disorder. Especially when treating the depressive side of manic depression.


Like CBD, psylocybin can work well for those who suffer from epilepsy. It soothes anxiety, and has been shown to help some people curb seizures.


One of our weekly order clients suffers from severe debilitating depression. Before finding shrooms, he wasn’t able to get out of bed or go to work. After one month of taking what he called mega doses he was able to start working again.


Trying to quit smoking? Drinking? Or just trying to get an opiod addiction under control? In April 2022, a new study came out that looked at data from 214,505 U.S. adults and found an association between past use of psilocybin—at any time in their lives—and a reduced risk of opioid use disorder. This is on the back of a John Hopkins study that found shrooms could be used to quit smoking, and an earlier proof of concept study out of New York for people quitting alcohol.


Full Spectrum CBD Drops, Edibles & Skin Care

Experience makes all the difference when it comes to you getting the highest quality cannabis products at the best prices.
Our Cannabis products are Grown, Curated, and Hand-Crafted by a small group of lifestyle growers and connoisseurs.

Experience makes all the difference when it comes to you getting the highest quality cannabis products at the best prices.
Our Cannabis products are Grown, Curated, and Hand-Crafted by a small group of lifestyle growers and connoisseurs.


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