MFor the next few months we will be going deep into the shroom stains that we are currently cultivating, or are planning on growing in the future.

These strains are tried and true, with some of the best medicinal properties or psychadellic trips avialable.

Mexico’s Magical Mazatapac:

Mazatapac is the original “OG” psilocibe cubensis strain that come from the Mazatac people of Mexico.  The Mazatac people are an indigenous tribe that live in the northern part of Oaxaca State, Puebla and Veracruz.

The name Mazatapac is essentially a typo that stuck. By the time the error was caught, too many people were using the incorrect version and it stuck.

This strain is easily confused with the Mexico strain of magic mushrooms, since both strains have similar history and genesis, but psilocybe cubensis mazatapec is quite distinct, and has a long and sacred history with the Mazatac people in Oaxaca.

The mature fruit of the Mazatapac mushroom is purple and black with long stems and bulbous caps.


mazatapec magic mushroom cartoon style growing in a pot
Mazatapec magic mushrooms

History Of Mazatapec Shrooms

For generations the Mazatapec mushroom was used as sacrament in ceremonial rituals as a way to connect with nature, and bridge the space between the spirit world and the human world. Psilocibin mushrooms were used to facilitate healing, both physical and mental. Traditionally mushrooms were only consumed at night, as the Mazatec people believed if they were consumed during the day it would cause madness.

Mazatapec Mushroom Growing

The Mazatapec shroom strain is found in many parts of the world, growing in dung, (it’s favourite medium), but in areas that do not get too cold. Strains from different areas vary in potency. Growthing this strain is only for those who have already had experience growing other strains of shrooms. It is relatively easy to cultivate, but takes longer to grow overall.

The Mazatapac Mushroom Trip

The Mazatapac mushroom is good for the average consumer as it has a slightly euphoric affect, with some visual stimulus, but it’s not as brain-melting as some other strains. Overall it’s a little stronger than Thai, Mexican, or Cambodian shrooms, but not as strong as Ecadorian, or Mckennaii.

This is a good choice if you are ready to take a slightly stronger trip, but don’t want to go full brain melt.

The Mazatapac trip has a stronger spiritual element. It helps you delve into deeper spaces and gain insight into yourself and the universe. It’s a classic “deep space” spiritual journey shroom, but one that can be enjoyed by those that haven’t done too many journeys. People often experience intense joy, euphoria, and powerful visuals especially colour.

Because of it’s euphoric and joyful high, this is a good mushroom for depression or the depressive side of bi-polar. But we are NOT doctors so do not take our word for it. We always strongly recomend micro-dosing any new shroom strain – or even a strain you are familiar with, but from a new vendor/ grower, before you go all out.

If you are interested in some real-world stories of how our clients have used shrooms to treat various health issues click here.


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