While it’s nice to trot out the scientific studies on the benefits of psylocibin for a variety of health issues, we’ve also been hearing from our customers first-hand of the amazing healing they’ve had through shroom use.

Here are four of our favourite, real world, stories from customers that have used shrooms to succesfuly treat depression, anxiety, pain and more.

Some are using larger doses, and some find that micro-dosing is all they need. 

We already wrote a blog post on the various health benefits of shrooms, but here are some real world cases (and doses) for example.

best strains of cannabis to treat anxiety
Oyster mushrooms

Case #1 Psilocybin for Addiction

In April 2022, a new study came out that showed ooked at data from 214,505 U.S. adults and found an association between past use of psilocybin—at any time in their lives—and a reduced risk of opioid use disorder. This is on the back of a John Hopkins study that found shrooms could be used to quit smoking, and an earlier proof of concept study out of New York for people quitting alcohol. 

Our client orders dry mushrooms every month, and takes them orally 3 times per day for a total of 1 gram per day. 

Case #2 Shrooms for Anxiety

Anxiety is a persistant chronic issue for many, and the pharmaceutical drugs used to treat it can cause serious issues including addiction, and Gynecomastia among others. Even small amounts can cause serious issues.

Our client started micro dosing small amounts all day, and found his anxiety disapeared, while his mental clarity increased.

Case #3 Psylocybin for Social Anxiety

One client told us he is painfully shy to the point that it was hurting his work and social life. He microdoses  mushrooms to help him open up and be more social at work and around other people. This in turn helps soothe his shyness, and teaches him to be more confident overall.

Products Used: 

When microdosing dry mushrooms, start with a flake or two, and work your way up. One mushroom is NOT a microdose! You need to try a small piece of mushroom first. Wait an hour between doses to make sure don’t double dose by accident. Trial (and hopefully not too much error), will help you find the dose you like best.

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Case #4 Shrooms For Depression

One of our weekly order clients suffers from severe dibillitating depression. Before finding shrooms, he wasn’t able to get out of bed or go to work.  After one month of taking what he called mega doses he was able to start working again.
This client takes mega doses of our dry bulk shrooms at bedtime. He takes about 2 grams before going to sleep, and when he wakes up he can face the day.

Beofre someone suggest psylocybin, he said he used to just go home early and go right to bed, and spend hours just comatose and sleeping. Now he can not only go to work, but he has a life outside of work too.

We suggest trying our bulk, dry, mix and match mushrooms to find the strain that works best for you. Do NOT start with a mega dose. Instead try small amounts and work your way up to the perfect dose for you.

We are not doctors, and this is not medical advice, this is just anectdotal success stories from some of our long-standing weekly order clients. Never go for a “hero’s dose” right off the bat, instead try small amounts and use the smallest dose necesary for the best result. If you have never tried shrooms before, always have a friend look over you to make sure they are there if you need any help. 

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